WordPress 102: The Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Setting Up a Website

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If you’ve never built a website before, you’re probably feeling pretty overwhelmed. You’ve no doubt heard about WordPress and you’re interested in finding out more, but you don’t know what to do next.

This comprehensive tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know in order to set up your first WordPress site. And you know what? Even if you don’t have a geeky bone in your body, by the time you finish completing all the steps in this article, you’ll have your very own website up and running.

Our WordPress tutorials allow you to extend the power of WordPress. Our step by step WordPress tutorials are easy to understand and follows the WordPress best practices. Don’t waste your time buying books that cover just the basics. This Comprehensive WordPress tutorials contain real-life examples, tips, and hacks that allows you to learn WordPress faster.

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Section 1Introduction
Section 2Domain & Hosting
Section 3Wordpress Installation
Section 4Wordpress Menu
Section 5Theme installation
Section 6Plugins
Section 7Theme & Plugins Update
Section 8Child Theme
Section 9Pages & Posts
Section 10Permalink & Setting
Section 11Customization Part1
Section 12Customization Part 2
Section 13About Us Page
Section 14Gallery Section
Section 15Testimonial Section
Section 16Bullet Point Section
Section 17Footer Section
Section 18About Section Part 2
Section 19Contact Us
Section 20Single Post Page
Section 21Outro / Conclusion
Section 22Bonus!